Addicts Overcome Holiday Stress with Meditation


D'Cruz has been meditating since her teenage years, and it's helped her deal with the pressures of the music business and constant travel. She offered to teach the residents at Phoenix House, and since she started, she said she believes it's really been working.

Anger Management

"I know it's working, because more people are coming and telling each other. They ask more and more detailed questions," said D'Cruz. "A young man came to me and said he's very angry, and wanted to learn how to meditate just for his anger."

She said meditation is a wonderful tool whenever a person is feeling stressed, but it's especially helpful this time of year.

"Holidays are very difficult. Some clients can't leave and some have no family to go home to," she said. "They have another tool they can use to deal with that."

"Meditation teaches you not to take your thoughts so seriously," said Raison. "If you're thinking, 'Oh, I can't be with my family', you'll learn that's just a thought. See it, recognize it, and let it go."

Thanks to meditation, Demitrius can do that. He's going to help other residents and staff put on a holiday show and make the best of things. He's looking forward to the summer when he can be back with his family.

He plans to make meditation a lasting part of his life.

"When I get out of here, it will definitely be helpful to continue on. I'll be dealing with a lot of stress and trying to keep myself in line. Meditation will help keep me calm so I can make better decisions."

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