Lay Down Some Rubber!


What's more, you can turn the sometimes-awkward act of putting on a condom into a pleasurable one. Linger for a while, stroking his penis before and as you slip the latex over him. Just be sure to leave some room at the end (if there isn't a built-in reservoir tip) to prevent breakage. To increase the sensation--and pleasure--for both you and your man during sex, Kantor suggests putting a bit of water-based lubricant on the inside and outside of the condom.

A few more perks: "A condom can help a man sustain an erection longer," says Kantor. And many women feel more relaxed and in-the- moment when they know they've greatly reduced their risk of becoming pregnant or contracting an STD. All of these things can make the sexual experience more satisfying for both of you and increase your chances of reaching orgasm. See? Good things really do come in small packages.


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