What Men Can Learn About Health From Women

Mental Health

Of people with major depression, women are nearly three times as likely as men to seek professional help (75 percent vs. 26 percent), according to a 2012 study in Depression and Anxiety.

"Women are more likely to talk about their emotional problems, while men are socialized to be stoic and avoid showing weakness," says Linda Carli, a senior psychology lecturer at Wellesley College.

Men also may be less likely to recognize behaviors like anger and irritability as signs of underlying depression, Courtenay says.

Psychological pain is just as legitimate as physical pain; if you broke your arm, you'd wear a cast. Find a therapist who can help—a mental health screening is one of the top medical exams every man should look into. Find out the other 3 Health Tests You Should Never Miss.

Skin Cancer

By the time 2012 draws to a close, 44,250 men will be newly diagnosed with melanoma and 6,060 will have died, the American Cancer Society estimates. That's 12,250 more cases than predicted for women, and 2,940 more deaths.

Women pay attention to their skin and take precautions early, says Dr. Michael W. Steppie, of the Skin Cancer Foundation.

So should you; skin cancer is men's most common cancer. Wear broad-spectrum sunscreen, and see a doc if you notice a mole changing color, size, or texture. Not sure if your bump is the big C? View our slideshow of What Skin Cancer Looks Like.


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