What are Some Low-Fat Cooking Methods?

Question: What are some low-fat cooking methods to consider?

Answer: Grilling and broiling are great techniques because when we grill and broil, we, we see the fat dripping down. Which is an excellent technique for lowering calorie and fat. We want to be careful with grilling, especially grilling at high temperature because when the fat drips down on the hot charcoal, it creates chemicals that are potentially carcinogenic.

So let's grill in moderation, maybe once a week, instead of every single night. Baking, poaching, steaming, are great techniques as well, because we don't use any added fat when we use those low fat methods.

And, let me also mention sauteing. sauteing on a non-stick skillet with a little bit of heart healthy oils, such as canola or olive oil, is an excellent way to get flavor out of the food but not a lot of added fat.