At Boarding School for Overweight Kids, Weight Loss Is the Core Curriculum


"It's not until I make myself consciously think about it that I can make myself somewhat point out positive things," she said.

"I had such a negative view for so long, because I've struggled with my weight my entire life," Applebaum continued. "At meals, sometimes I will poke my thighs. I'm very aware of all the weight and so it's hard to shake that feeling.

School officials hope the therapy sessions will help turn Applebaum's view around. In the one-on-one sessions, students share their secrets and their pain as therapists try to pinpoint the emotions that sabotage their healthy habits.

But it seems to be paying off. Jenna Chrisman has lost 30 pounds and said she is "happy to be alive every single day."

A newly svelte Applebaum made a trip home to her high school prom this weekend to reveal her new body. Her time at Wellspring ends soon, and she admits she is nervous about gaining back the weight when she faces "normal life" again.

And Michael Schlesinger's whole physique has been altered completely -- so much so that his father didn't recognize him on his last visit home for spring break.

Wellspring students will leave looking radically different, but the key to their success is to have transformed their minds too.

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