Cancer Survivors Face a New Challenge in Care


"There are not enough structured cancer-specific survivorship programs available for all cancer survivors in all areas of the country," said Dr. Jennifer Litton, an oncologist at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. "So working with the primary care providers will be extremely important for long term care for survivors in our country."

There are also resources online. The National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship has created a free website called Journey Forward, which allows doctors and patients to work together and create a survivorship care plan.

Fitch, now a 57-year-old mother of five, is looking forward to her eldest daughter's upcoming wedding and continues to find a balance between living life and being a survivor.

"I look back at 21, finishing my treatment," she said. "I wanted to say, 'I beat it, and I am going to go on with my life and not look back.' I didn't want to hear that down the line I was going to have problems.

"It is important to be aware of risks, what to look out for, and be a responsible survivor."

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