Disabled Mother and Gifted Daughter Lead 'Regular' Life

When she was in her 20s, a doctor told Brown that her that her disability would mean she couldn't have children. Then she met a man who lived in her friend's apartment building who asked to marry her after a few dates.

"God blessed me with Myra. I'm looking at it as a miracle baby," said Brown. "I'm so proud of her."

Brown and her boyfriend married a year later, but tension started when Myra was 2 and they soon got a divorce.

She loves gospel music and what she calls "the simple life," Brown said. Today Brown works part-time at Wendy's fast-food restaurant, making french fries and cleaning the dining room.

"The only thing I don't do is cash register," said Brown.

When Myra was a baby, Brown read a lot to her daughter and had long conversations with her in public even if people thought she looked crazy, she said.

She also fondly recalls teaching Myra life lessons.

"I told her that God loves us all and we're supposed to love everybody, whether they love us or not," she said. "And I told her that from when she was little until now."

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