'Elephant in Living Room' Warns About Exotic Pets


But the story had an bittersweet ending not told in the film.

On Sept. 22, 2010, Brumfield called Webber, then moments later, talked to Harrison.

"Terry gave me a call and he was in great spirits," said Harrison. "But three hours later he came up with his youngest son in a truck over the railroad tracks that ran through is property and [the train] didn't blow its horn."

Brumfield was thrown from the vehicle and killed instantly at the age of 57.

"He landed on Lambert's grave," said Harrison, trying not to give away the plot of the film. "Terry wanted to be buried with Lambert. We fought with the county and they agreed.

Webber and Harrison gave the eulogy.

"He was so articulate on one hand and so salt-of-the-earth on the other," said Webber of Brumfield. But his life with four lions was, "a situation he just couldn't quite get out of."

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