Will Budget Cuts Leave Us Unprepared for Zombie Apocalypse?


Zombies and 'Lord of the Rings': Public Health Messengers?

The Hungarian government is using other fictional characters to make sure its emergency warning messages get through to young people.

According to the Associated Press, the government sent out messages on state radio and television warning people about severe weather in several places in "Middle-earth." The government used the fictional locations featured in "Lord of the Rings" so people wouldn't be alarmed if real places were mentioned and also to determine how well the messages reach young people.

But another U.S. agency, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is getting the word out about hurricane season using a more straightforward approach.

"Far too many people will not be prepared and will try to get ready in the last minutes when the hurricane is threatening their community, and won't have enough time," said FEMA administrator Craig Fugate. "Of all the hazards we deal with, hurricanes are the one that should be the least surprising, or the ones that we should be best prepared for."

CDC recommends taking a few simple steps to get ready for whenever disaster strikes. An emergency kit consisting of items like water, food, medications, a utility knife, battery-powered radio and important documents. People should also learn evacuation routes and identify emergency contacts.

By taking these precautions, Khan said people can be prepared for any catastrophe, even the dreaded zombie apocalypse.

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