Girl Born With No Eyes or Nose, Gets a Nose


"She's very outgoing and never met a stranger she didn't like," said Hooper. "Whenever we go anywhere, she says, 'Put me by the pool and I'll go make friends.' She loves to talk and is very, very self-confident."

In track and field events, Cassidy runs the 75-yard dash with the help of a cable to direct her. "I hold on to this rope and it slides across the cable like a zip line," she said. "I just run and it helps me."

When she does curling -- the Canadian Olympic sport on ice -- she relies on an assistant to serve as her eyes.

"To me, if it's something hard, I get through it," said Cassidy.

In 2011, Cassidy protested a law that required the Department of Public Instruction to close one of three schools that serve the blind and deaf in North Carolina, appearing at a public hearing in Raleigh. Her school was spared.

She was also recently offered her first job at the Library for the Blind, according to ABC's WBTV, which has followed Cassidy's story for six years. She'll take the Amtrak from Charlotte to Raleigh every week.

Cassidy has high hopes for her future, despite her physical challenges.

Her advice to others with disabilities: "If you have challenges, be positive about it."

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