Hot New Exercise Craze Puts Workouts on Trampolines

VIDEO: Its Not Just for Kids! Inside the Popular Trampoline Workout
WATCH It's Not Just for Kids! Inside the Popular Trampoline Workout

Trampolines aren’t just for kids anymore. The newest exercise craze puts workouts on trampolines, and it looks -- and feels -– like a party.

The craze has been embraced by celebrities including Julianne Hough and Demi Lovato, who’ve both posted photos of the workout on their Instagram accounts.

"GMA's" Jesse Palmer tried it for himself at JumpLife, a fitness studio in Manhattan.

JumpLife CEO Montserrat Markou said a trampoline workout is good for all ages.

“From beginners to fitness enthusiasts, this is for everyone,” she said.

The workout is high intensity, but because it’s also low impact it’s easy on the joints.

“What I try to do is create the class in order to bring all the exercise modalities that are out there, into the class so you get your cardio, you get your boot camp, your Pilates, your's a little bit of everything in one,” she Markou.

Markou –- along with JumpLife instructors Fernando Contreras and Thea Ogunusi –- appeared on “GMA” on Thursday to demonstrate some moves from the workout. Watch the video to see their routine.