Creepy! Philly Family Tries to Sell House Where Couple Was Slashed to Death


Buyers Know When a House Is 'Creepy'

Most people know when they are in a space that is haunted by the paranormal, Farkas said.

"They have a sensation that this place is really creepy and I don't want to be here," he said. "We all have that radar. Mine is just more finely tuned."

Dave Vescio, an actor who stars in horror movies, said he knows the feeling.

"My parents moved to Cocoa Beach, Fla., six years ago and there was an old guy who died in the house," he said. "It freaks the crap out of me."

His latest movie, "Lost Soul," is set in another realm, and Vescio, 41, said he is not so sure ghosts don't exist.

"If you see someone full of energy then they die and it's all gone. Where did that energy go?" he said. "That's the question we've been asking for centuries."

Vescio said he would never even consider buying a home where a murder had taken place.

But Weinrich dismisses those superstitions about ghosts haunting his family's Pennsylvania home.

"Sometimes two dogs would unexpectedly bark and their ears would go up," he said. "But they never acknowledged any paranormal activity in the house.

"People die have died through humanity and the ages in all different places," said Weinrich.

His elderly parents just found the expansive Wyncote home too big for their needs and decided to sell it after 24 contented years.

"They raised five boys and had many large family social events there, such as showers, pre- and post-wedding parties of 200-plus people, christenings of the grandchildren, big Christmas and Thanksgiving celebrations," he said. "With eight bedrooms, there was always enough room."

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