'Get Off Your Knees!' Living Without Arms and Legs

"One of the first things that I learned about John is that he doesn't use his disability as an excuse," Andrea said. "He just gets up every day and goes about his business."

On Nov. 5, 1997, the couple had their first child, Ariel. John recalls the anxious moments during the pregnancy and the relief that came when a sonogram showed the fetus was developing normally. Their son, Owen, is now 6.

His marriage to Andrea and the birth of his children have put to rest John's final questions about his disability.

"Everyone has the same questions. We're all wondering what our lives are going to be like," John said. "For me, the question had that extra label, 'What is my life going to be like, because of my disability? What is my education going to be like, because of my disability? My marriage? My career? My children?

"I don't have any of those questions anymore. I still worry about life, like everybody else, but those other questions are gone."

The Serenity Prayer

Robinson never questioned why he was born without the extension of his arms or legs. He says it doesn't matter why.

Every day on his way to work, Robinson passes a framed copy of a prayer that has been with him since his childhood.

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference."

His parents displayed a needlepoint version of the prayer in his bedroom from the day he was born. Robinson said the prayer has shaped his life perspective and helped him find the determination to face each and every day.

"I'm extraordinarily lucky with what I have," Robinson said. "But I think if most people take stock of where they are, they might say the same thing. So, in that case, I've lived and am living a normal life and that's what I wanted all along, and I'm very happy with that."

ABCNews.com contributor Matthew Nojiri is a member of the Syracuse University ABC News On Campus bureau.

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