8 Percent of Parents Regret Their Baby's Name, Survey Finds


You Named Your Child Hitler?

Pity the poor New Jersey child who was called, "Hitler," said Evans. "That child had a problem with his father no matter whether they named him Hitler or not."

Evans, himself, was named for his grandfather -- Grover Cleveland Lively -- who was, in turn, named for a former president.

"My mother might say she regretted what she named me," said Evans. "I grew up in the suburbs of Buffalo and I was called 'Ohio' all the time."

But like most people, Evans' mother didn't actually change his name, she just "brooded about it," he said. "I doubt all 8 percent [in the survey] are upset enough."

Such was the case with writer Alexandra Jacobs, who blogged on the website Babble that she had named her son Seymour -- a name that had "literary overtones" from J.D. Salinger's famous Glass family to investigative writer Seymour Hersh and restaurant critic Seymour Britchky.

"To my surprise, 'Seymour' was greeted not with coos over our cleverness, but furrowed brows, curled lips and snorts of derision," she writes. "And that was just the grandmas."

She was also reminded that the fictional Seymour Glass killed himself, Seymour Krelboyne was a character from the film, "Little Shop of Horrors" and a famous porn star was named "Seymore Butts."

After thinking about changing his name to Issac and calling him "Sy," Jacobs said she "fell in love again" with the original name.

But Kintner, now the mother of four -- Dylan, Summer, Harlowe and Chase -- did legally change Presley's name.

"My husband, along with our family and friends, would call her Presley and I would just bristle in silence," she wrote in a 2009 column in the Washington Post.

The process was time-consuming, up to a year of paperwork.

"After 9/11 they don't make it easy unless you are getting married," said Kintner. "We went to court six times."

"The most awkward part was the family," she said. "People didn't know what to call her."

Today, even Summer knows about her name change and often calls her doll "Presley."

"There's a lot of embarrassment and people feel uncomfortable about it, but I did not regret my decision for one minute," said Kintner. "I look at her today and she is such a Summer. I am so happy that I did it."

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