Health Officials Warn of Buying Cipro Online

One reason doctors don't like to have people procuring prescriptions for Cipro online is that it's a very strong antibiotic that is generally reserved for tough cases, said Dr. Nancy Snyderman on ABCNEWS' Good Morning America.

"It's not even a first-line drug of choice for most infections," Snyderman said. "This is a kind of medication you use when other things fail."

Since anthrax doesn't widely disperse itself, there is no need to stock up on Cipro, said Stephen Ostroff, chief epidemiologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.

"And in all of the current situations that we're aware of, it's really mostly been confined to people who've had direct contact with these contaminated envelopes," Ostroff told Good Morning America.

Furthermore, if someone gets a subscription for Cipro and has an allergic reaction, they may have nowhere to turn for help, Snyderman said.

"Pharmacies aren't always open," she said. "Your local doctor might not even know you have the medication and certainly 911 has been flooded, those lines have been flooded with real credible concerns for all different kinds of problems. So, the whole system is backwards."

She recommends that people with real concerns see their doctor and heed warnings about opening suspicious packages.

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