Transgender Woman Wins Insurance Coverage for Mammogram


Denying Transgender Employees Benefits Is Discrimination

Advocates say it is a discriminatory practice when an employer knowingly hires employees who are transgender and then excludes them from basic workplace benefits, as, they say, was the case with Scott.

Levi, who recently co-edited a book called "Transgender Family Law", won a legal case in which the Internal Revenue Service ruled a transgender's sex change procedure was cosmetic and could not be claimed as a deduction for medical related care.

"What was so remarkable was that they would think someone would have genital surgery to look better," she said. "It was absurd. We had nearly a week-long trial and put all our experts in court and they agreed -- the transition was related to medical care."

Now, Levi hopes her book will serve to educate lawyers and those who are transgender.

"There are a growing number of protections for people in employment, but at the same time, there is a huge amount of discrimination in the family law context," she said. "We've seen some horrifying court outcomes where parents have lost custody of their children, or the courts are denying the validity of the marriage in the first place.

"So many lawyers want to do good work, but they don't know the first thing about transgender law," she said.

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