Baby Born With Heart Outside Body Leaves Hospital

Audrina Cardenas goes home three months after surgery at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston.
1:43 | 01/25/13

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Transcript for Baby Born With Heart Outside Body Leaves Hospital
After three months in the hospital little -- -- and her mother were ready to go home. She's doing really -- which don't be gone home -- a lot of that oxygen but very little. She's -- home on a feeding tube. Hopefully with OT helpful -- -- -- her feet and threw a bottle. And she's come a long -- since she was born October 15 with a third of her heart beating outside her body. In a six hour surgery Texas children's doctors reconstructed her chest cavity to make space for her heart. But she doesn't have a bony breast plate to protect -- -- so they -- one. One out of -- -- -- She doesn't have a stern and she doesn't have anything over her heart besides the -- in the little -- -- That they put over so this is very important for her underwear. Especially for a -- scene. The straps go right up on her hard and she didn't have anything hard -- beaches damaged her car. In the future I -- we'll have another surgery at Texas children's doctors will make -- -- for her out of some of her ribs. But Ashley loves her baby just the way she is. In a mother's eyes sometimes you don't see. Announcing hearings on their way she can -- this -- -- getting ready to leave. He's not leaving Houston the baby needs to be near the hospital for -- why I just not pushing -- now. The around Charleston -- is the heart of their kids needed a last minute now yeah. Walked out without this other -- All of the critic. Keeping this date change. He was happy Italy actually excited by the medical equipment on hand but -- --

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{"id":18314324,"title":"Baby Born With Heart Outside Body Leaves Hospital","duration":"1:43","description":"Audrina Cardenas goes home three months after surgery at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston.","url":"/Health/video/baby-born-heart-body-leaves-hospital-18314324","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}