Concert Overdose Leaves 1 Dead, Dozens Hospitalized

"Molly" drug is suspected in overdose of Paradiso Festival concertgoers in Washington state.
1:37 | 07/01/13

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Transcript for Concert Overdose Leaves 1 Dead, Dozens Hospitalized
It looks like candy promises Ecstasy. And it's lethal. It's known on the streets as Molly. They can be small in colorful or white and powdery. Usually inhaled or swallowed. Molly ushers in euphoria it floods users' brains of the serotonin and dope -- making them feel -- -- full of energy. In recent years has become popular among teens and young adults commonly passed around concerts -- OK and Alice C. Etiquette you -- whereas other other threats here. Officials at Quincy valley hospitals say the drug -- took the life of one western Washington man. And nearly killed 105 others this weekend all of them between the ages of eighteen and 26. Most of them attending Perry. You're a mixture of -- let's drag you have cocaine and LSD and passed all the other. Except those terrible -- your body. Among the complications ingesting -- can hurt your heart and respiratory system. Of people in here that we'll tell us they did not. They were taking had all of that picturesque and we've stopped several very serious. -- help patients that we had just spent on bigger facilities to answer. -- medical professionals say this is by far the largest number of concert goers they've ever treated. And the -- so came to a close Saturday their -- the party and the consequences. Aren't over just yet. -- could be some other fatalities. -- -- --

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{"id":19545151,"title":"Concert Overdose Leaves 1 Dead, Dozens Hospitalized","duration":"1:37","description":"\"Molly\" drug is suspected in overdose of Paradiso Festival concertgoers in Washington state.","url":"/Health/video/concert-overdose-leaves-one-dead-dozens-hospitalized-19545151","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}