John Mulaney on How Meditation Helped After Canceled Sitcom

The comedian turned Broadway star spoke about how he struggled with anxiety after his show "Mulaney" was canceled.
2:46 | 11/30/16

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Transcript for John Mulaney on How Meditation Helped After Canceled Sitcom
It was canceled. And I went on the road four days later. Thinking like I'm just gonna leave this behind me and go back to being a stand up and I've totally processes experience. Well I mean we were talking a little bit during that time in. You were definitely working on processing it I mean you were definitely willing to talk about it. And work it through I hit a wall fast realizing I couldn't. It yes I had to go through it. And so and that period did you is that when you started meditating and yes in Sacramento. First city on a side as the first city as deficits of it was Ohio and I'll cut him I always had to second had to begin life jackets Oakland's. It is the capital last throw. No I was doing shows in Sacramento. And every bit of anxiety. Just came crashing. Just sitting in Bartow. So. The biggest advocates so. I started it. The biggest and it got me back into it was guy why is happening like a lot of episodes of panic which is which you can. Yet but I know that that you European anxious and depressed but I knows you're actually it was actually. And Lohan is onstage panic or just occasionally. It was you know it was like. It wasn't always the complete. Like shortness of breath. I don't enjoy physically feeling this way it. It got to that point a couple times and it's still you know I've still. Had to breathe my way down over the years for him. Some kind of just lot of adrenaline anxiety like that he was more are. It was more like I would feel very anxious all day before ash and it was kind of Anderson even doing for. For arrow that was the other things are done it for her at that point. 88 years and as I. My favorite thing in the world today. It was just this like all anxiety. As so how did meditation and yeah I completely because it was like. It was it did it didn't always help in the moment and it didn't know is how that day. But I. I was very committed. Starting around. December. Of that year. To. Doing it read and I think the cumulative effect of that wives. Very.

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{"id":43857651,"title":"John Mulaney on How Meditation Helped After Canceled Sitcom","duration":"2:46","description":"The comedian turned Broadway star spoke about how he struggled with anxiety after his show \"Mulaney\" was canceled.","url":"/Health/video/john-mulaney-meditation-helped-canceled-sitcom-43857651","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}