Top Seven Deadly Foods: Gross, or Tasty?

While the pizza burger may resonate with junk-food lovers, it is decisively less popular with nutrition experts.

"What it means is death – sodium intoxication. For the short term it'll cause bloating and weight gain," said Dr. Eric Bravermen, author of "Younger (Thinner) You Diet" and a weight loss expert.

"It's a form of suicide," he said. "These people are putting a knife to their throat with garbage food. They are digging their grave with a fork and knife and the government is serving the plate without taxing this stuff."

Braverman said that considering the ingredients packed into this monster sandwich, whether you have a small or large slice of this original "pizza" there is little doubt that it will amount to a hefty helping of calories, fat and sodium.


Among the various creations on the site, the McNuggetini may be among the most original. The "drink" portion of this bizarre treat is made with a McDonald's chocolate milkshake and vanilla vodka. On the rim of the glass is BBQ sauce, garnished with a chicken McNugget.

What may save this concoction in the eyes of some nutritionists is its relatively modest portion size -- at least you don't exceed your daily allowance of calories with one drink.

One physician was also quick to point out that milkshakes are not universally evil when it comes to calories and fat. Still, not all milkshakes are created equal.

"A milkshake couldn't be so bad, but it depends what you put in it," said Dr. Jana Klauer, a weight and nutrition expert in New York. "If you make a milkshake with lowfat milk and fruit versus a milkshake with full-fat milk, ice cream and fatty add-ins like chocolate syrup [as in the McDonald's milkshake] anyone knows that those two things are vastly different."


The Bacone, as the name suggests, consists of a cone made out of bacon, filled with scrambled eggs and country gravy, and topped with a biscuit. Created for a bacon-themed cooking competition, this breakfast dish may elicit cheers from some -- but from nutrition experts, it's all jeers.

"You might as well call the ambulance," said Katz. "Order this and call 911 and have the ambulance on the way.

"This has a week's worth of saturated fat, a day's worth of calories and probably more than a whole day's supply of salt as well," he said.

While none of the ingredients may qualify as health foods, it is the bacon that Katz said is the worst offender. Indeed, he said people should steer clear of bacon, whether in the Bacone or otherwise.

"The appropriate level of moderation of bacon is none," Katz said. "There are all sorts of problems with bacon that go beyond its nutritional property. You should have it zero times in your life.

"But recognizing that might be a bit much, be very moderate and do not construct cones out of it," he said.

Corn Dog Pizza

The cardinal rule rule of pizza may well be that you can make any kind of pizza by putting anything on top.

Take, for example, the "Corn Dog Pizza." It's a plain cheese pizza with seven whole corn dogs (still on the stick) on top. Similar to the "Pizza Burger," it combines two foods that are not often seen together.

And the similarities do not end there; nutrition experts were similarly alarmed by it.

"It's really disgusting," Klauer said. "I know they have corn dogs at carnivals. I've had cotton candy at a carnival, but never had a corn dog. A corn dog has no benefits for your body because it's fried."

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