Top Seven Deadly Foods: Gross, or Tasty?

What makes deep frying unhealthy is the oil that it's fried in, Klauer said. The oil is usually kept at a high temperature for a long period of time -- and that's how artery-clogging trans fats are created. Even with olive oil, which is relatively healthy, you wouldn't want to keep it too hot for too long.

Oil aside, Klauer said it's a fair bet the hot dogs used in this creation are neither low-fat nor organic. Hot dogs are usually made with meat and byproducts of meat, which means that they are not high-quality and likely very high in fat. Also, the chemicals used to preserve hot dogs, called nitrates, are associated with cancer in some studies.

Elvis Donuts

"The Elvis Donut" is a glazed donut covered in peanut butter and topped with slices of bananas and piece of bacon. Unlike many of the other concoctions, this treat has some nutritional benefits.

While it is unclear how the real Elvis would have regarded this creation, it is safe to say that among nutritionists, it is not a hit.

"Objectionable on so many levels," Katz said. "Peanut butter in general is pretty nutritious, and the banana is very nutritious. But the problems begin with the donut.

Despite his objections to the donut and bacon components of this beast, however, Katz noted that at least some of what has been added to the donut actually enhances its nutritional value. Still, he said, this is another treat that is better left untouched.

Bacon Chocolate Cake

Sweet or Salty? You don't have to make that decision with the "Bacon Chocolate Cake." The cake features thick chocolate icing with chunks of cooked bacon on top.

It's not the first dish to combine salty and sweet flavors, and it won't be the last. But Klauer said the combo is far from a match made in heaven.

"Chocolate is good for you -- it has a lot of health benefits," she said. "The problem is when it's combined with sugar, and that's not so good. A lot of sugar has come into our diet recently -- it's one of the factors associated with obesity."

Add in the fat and sodium from the bacon, and you could be in for more from your snack then you bargained for. Still, for those unothodox gourmets who make contributions to the growing list on "This Is Why You're Fat," focusing on the nutritional aspects of these foods may be missing the point.

"This trend is huge; we saw it growing. It just made sense to have a community around that," Amason said. "We're part of the conversation highlighting this trend."

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