BPA in Canned Foods: Should You Worry?


States Not Waiting on BPA

Though the FDA has opted to wait for more evidence before taking action on BPA, several states including Connecticut and Minnesota have enacted their own laws banning the sale of baby bottles, sippy cups and other reusable food and drink containers that contain it. And Pennsylvania might be next.

Rep. Lawrence Curry is holding a public hearing today on BPA in baby products. Rebecca Roberts, a scientist and mother of three, is testifying in support of a ban.

"BPA needs to be regulated so that those products are no longer used in this country," said Roberts, an assistant professor of biology at Ursinus College in Collegeville, Pa. "There are alternatives; we just need to do it."

In 2007, Roberts published a first-person editorial in PLoS Biology on her experience with BPA as a scientist and a mother.

"The mother in me still waits anxiously for the regulatory agencies and the legislature to catch up with the research on BPA that the scientist in me appreciates," Roberts wrote. "I have switched my brand of sippy cups to one that doesn't contain BPA (a quick Internet search will yield many sites describing these and other BPA-free baby products).

"Nevertheless, while I feel proactive as I watch my daughter happily drink her water, I still cringe a little bit when she drops the sippy cup, toddles over to her toy bin, and starts to gnaw on her plastic turtle instead."

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