20 Decapitated Bodies Found In Iraq

The U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee overwhelmingly passed a resolution Tuesday demanding an apology from Japan over the sexual exploitation of women in the Asia-Pacific region by the military during the war. (Japan Times)


10 N-Ships Visited India

The UPA government has allowed nine nuclear-powered vessels to dock in Goa port since 2004. Of these, three were from France, one from Britain and five from the United States. The last one to dock was the USS Providence, which was in Goa between October 30 and November 3 last year. (Asian Age)


Closing Guantanamo

The Bush administration appears to be inching toward a conclusion that most of the world reached long ago: The Guantanamo Bay prison for terrorism suspects has been a disaster and must be shut down. Both Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates have urged Mr. Bush to move Guantanamo's detainees to the United States. If he does not act, the prison will surely be closed by Congress or Mr. Bush's successor. If the president moves now, he can mitigate the stain Guantanamo will leave on his legacy. More important, he can help to create a sustainable basis for holding and interrogating foreign terrorism suspects in the future. (Washington Post)

Pakistan to Help As the US's Jailer

By Syed Saleem Shahzad

With the Bush administration under pressure to close the US detention facility at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, plans have been made to relocate some of its "war on terror" captives to the countries of their origin. In Pakistan, construction has already begun on new special jails in three cities, paid for by the US. Inmates can expect a long wait for their day in court. (Asia Times)

Convergence or Acknowledgement?

Dr Haider K Nizamani

It is interest divergence that causes friction between Washington and Islamabad. Interest convergence may not be a realistic goal at present. Trust would automatically follow if the two countries acknowledge each other's interests and set realistic expectations. (Daily Times)

Mirror of Lies

By Mshari Al-Zaydi

Sudanese President Omar al Bashir smiled as he made some harsh statements earlier this week saying, "We will not relinquish Sudan and we will not hand it to colonialists." He scoffed at the international community that "whines" about the Darfur crisis and identified the source of the problem as the undermining of Sudanese greatness. (Asharq Alawsat)

Iran: Is Fuel Rationing a Spark in a Powder Keg?

As many as 50 gasoline stations were reportedly torched early June 27 in Iran as angry citizens protested fuel rationing measures. There are additional unconfirmed reports that gasoline stations in several other cities across the country were also burned. Elsewhere, protesters reportedly blocked the main highway in Tehran, and clashes were said to have led to at least three deaths. (Stratfor)

Warnings in the Egyptian Press: The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt Is Going the Way of Hamas in Gaza

In the wake of Hamas' takeover of Gaza, some in the Egyptian press have expressed fears that the Muslim Brotherhood may seize power in Egypt. They expressed concern at the similarities between Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, and said that lessons should be learned from the Palestinian experience in Gaza. The following are excerpts of articles from the Egyptian press: (MEMRI)

The Insider Daily Investigative Report (DIR) is a summary of major news articles and broadcasts relating to investigative news, including international terrorism and developments in Iraq. The DIR is edited daily from foreign and U.S. sources by Chris Isham and Elizabeth Sprague of the ABC News Investigative Unit. The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of ABCNEWS.

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