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Caution Urged Over New Anti-Terror Law HUMAN-RIGHTS campaigners have urged caution over plans to make it a crime to "associate" with terror suspects. (The Scotsman)


Iraqi Cleric Withdraws Militias from Najaf

Iraqi cleric withdraws militiamen from Najaf but U.S. mission remains to 'kill or capture' him. (AP)

U.S. Copter Crashes, Burns Near Fallujah

U.S. copter crashes, burns outside Fallujah; one soldiers killed as troops converge on Najaf. (AP)

U.S. Troops Seize Sadr Aide A key aide of radical cleric Moqtada al-Sadr was detained by U.S. troops in Baghdad today, in a sign that the coalition was closing in on the leaders of the Shia insurgency despite warnings of further violence. (The Guardian)

FBI Probes About 40 Abductions in Iraq About 40 foreign hostages from 12 countries are being held by Iraqi insurgents, and the FBI is investigating the abductions, a coalition spokesman said Tuesday. (AP)

Four Italians Held Hostage in Iraq: Al Jazeera The "Iraqi resistance" has kidnapped four Italians in Iraq and is demanding a withdrawal of Italian forces from the country, Al Jazeera television reported, showing a video of four hostages. (AFP)

8 Workers of Russian Company Freed in Iraq

Eight employees of a Russian energy company seized by masked gunmen who broke into their house in Baghdad were released unharmed Tuesday after less than a day in captivity, the Russian Foreign Ministry said. (AP)

Leading Shiites and Rebel Meet On Iraq Standoff A delegation of Shiite clerics began negotiations to resolve the standoff between the U.S. military and Moktada al-Sadr. (NY Times)

Halliburton Suspends Some Iraq Supply Convoys After recent attacks, the firm says it will wait until security is increased, raising the risk that troops could lack food and water. (LA Times)


The August Memo

The release this weekend of the much-discussed Aug. 6, 2001, President's Daily Brief on al Qaeda was both welcome and anticlimactic. (Washington Post)

Kidnapping and Chaos

Hostage-taking: newest tactic in Iraq. (ABCNEWS)

Fundamental Errors of Inflexible Army

America's military tactics in Iraq come with their own carefully constructed vocabulary. It is a sanitized language that talks of textbook style operations against a precisely defined enemy. (The Guardian)

How Could They Be So Ungrateful?

Why are the Iraqi people being so obstructionist? What can they be thinking of ruining the plot like that? A year after they gained their freedom from that romance-story-reading cross between Attila the Hun, Hitler and Genghis Khan — famous for his mass graves and rape rooms, those Bush will never let us forget — they should be throwing a grand countrywide party. (Arab News)

Did the U.S. Miscalculate in Iraq?

Iraqi officials, British commanders say U.S. has mishandled the situation in Iraq. (CS Monitor)

Seek Help in Iraq — Now

When President Bush holds his first formal press conference of the year this evening, he must come with a plan in hand. (LA Times)

Chaos and Illusions …

It is better to replace "Governor" Paul Bremer now, before June 30, if Washington still respects this date of transferring authority to the Iraqis. (Al Hayat)

Blind in Baghdad

Here are the reasons Iraq is not Vietnam. (Washington Post)

There is No Alternative to Tony Blair's Policy On Iraq It is vital that the outcome should be freedom, not fundamentalism. (The Guardian)

The Insider Daily Terrorism Report (DTR) is a summary of major news articles and broadcasts relating to international terrorism and the war in Iraq. The DTR is edited from foreign and U.S. sources by Chris Isham, Hoda Osman, and Brinda Adhikari of the ABCNEWS Investigative Unit. The outside views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of ABCNEWS.

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