The Insider: Daily Terrorism Report

Saudi Arabia Muhaya Blast Suspect Arrested Police say they have arrested a prime suspect in the Nov. 8 bombing of the al Muhaya residential compound in Riyadh. They have also seized a huge cache of arms, including a surface-to-air missile, an Interior Ministry spokesman said yesterday. An expert in electric and electronic military equipment told Asharq Al Awsat that the devices found with the terror suspects were the same as the ones used by security forces. He believes they were specifically made for terrorists and criminals as they are not sold on the market. (Arab News, Asharq Al Awsat)

Airline Fears As Saudis Seize Terror Suspect With Missile Fears were raised over the safety of flights to Saudi Arabia yesterday when security forces arrested a suspected terrorist with a surface-to-air missile. Asharq Al Awsat points out that this was the second time that missiles are found with terrorists. In June 2002, missiles were found with seven terror suspects who were arrested. (The Daily Telegraph, Asharq Al Awsat)

Seven Terror Cells 'Destroyed' in Past Months A senior Saudi security official told Al Hayat that authorities were able in the past months to "destroy" seven terror cells, which represent the majority of terrorist activities in the Kingdom. The source said only two cells remain and are being hunted down by security forces. The source also clarified that the terror suspect arrested yesterday was not among those on the list of 19 most wanted, but is "dangerous" and belongs to al Qaeda. (Al Hayat)

Afghanistan Afghan Police Arrest Suspected Terrorists Afghan police and international peacekeepers have arrested at least two suspected terrorists in the capital, officials said Thursday. (AP)

France Police Arrest Al Qaeda 'Helpers' Police in France say they are holding three men on suspicion of sheltering a member of al Qaeda. (BBC)

Yemen Terror Attacks Foiled It was revealed yesterday that a week before the arrest of al Qaeda terror suspect Abu Assem Al Makki (Al Ahdal), Yemeni security forces foiled a number of terror attacks against government buildings. Those planning the attacks were arrested. (Elaph)

Switzerland Bin Laden Link to Swiss Bank Account Swiss authorities involved in the global hunt for terror money have established that both Osama bin Laden and suspected al Qaeda No 2 Ayman al Zawahiri had links to Swiss bank accounts. (AP)

More Australians Tied to Al Qaeda: ASIO There are 'almost certainly' more Australians who have trained with al Qaeda and other terrorist groups but are still unknown to intelligence organisations, ASIO has warned. (Sydney Morning Herald)


United States Seeking to Block Terrorist Route, Rumsfeld Asks Help in Azerbaijan Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld arrived at this Caspian Sea port on Wednesday to warn that the inland ocean, which produces oil as well as caviar, is also a transit route for terrorists, unconventional weapons and narcotics.(NY Times)

Ridge: Tech Cos. Must Help Fight Terror Technology companies must cooperate in the battle against cyberterrorism — or submit to government-imposed security regulations — Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge and other senior officials said Wednesday. (AP)

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