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Terror Fears, Iraq Sour Muslims' Eid Holiday Muslims were enjoying their Eid al-Fitr holiday but festivities this year have been soured by devastating bomb attacks across the Islamic world and the violent instability plaguing war-shattered Iraq. (AFP)


Arab Sunnis In Iraq: Invisible Divisions Arab Sunnis in Iraq differ from the Shiites and Kurds in their stance towards the American military and political presence. (Al Hayat)

The Moral Myth Superpowers act out of self-interest, not morality, and the U.S. in Iraq is no different. (The Guardian)

Iraqi Security Forces Torn Between Loyalties Work for U.S. leaves recruits uneasy. (Washington Post)

Iraq's Security Nightmare The two car bomb attacks in Iraq last Saturday, which killed at least 18 people, have fuelled more speculation about the shadowy role being played by foreign extremists who may have infiltrated Iraq. (BBC)

Stop This Game Imagine for a moment a horrifying game called "terrorist roulette." The unfortunate players are huddled in different groups and spend much of their time bickering about who got them into this mess. (Washington Post)


The New Bush Plan The Council on Foreign Relations takes a look at the new Bush plan for Iraq's transition to sovereignty. (Council on Foreign Relations)

The Making of Modern Iraq Modern Iraq was an invention of British military and administrative convenience in the wake of World War I. (Wilson Center)


TURKISH BOMB INVESTIGATION Turkish Court Charges 9 in Bombings Probe Turkish court charges nine suspected accomplices in suicide bombings probe, defense lawyer says. (AP) On the investigation of the suicide bombers, sources tell ABCNEWS that one of the earlier-presumed dead bombers may in fact be still alive.

GUANTANAMO BAY U.S. Releases 20 Held at Cuban Base The U.S. has returned 20 people held at Guantanamo bay in Cuba to their countries of origin — only to bring in 20 new prisoners from an undisclosed location. (AP)

Canadian Al Qaeda Suspect Denied Entry To Canada The brother of a 17-year-old Canadian suspected of killing a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan has been released from Guantanamo Bay but is being refused entry to Canada, a lawyer representing his family says. (CBC News)

LEGAL DEVELOPMENTS Two Sentenced in Terrorism Conspiracy The 'Portland Seven' members who tried to join the Taliban to fight the U.S. rail against the government before getting 18-year terms. (LA Times)

Terror Suspect Fights Extradition to U.S. Canada's new anti-terrorism legislation should not be used retroactively to try to extradite a man accused of plotting to bomb the Los Angeles airport, his lawyer argued in court Monday. (AP)

Canadian to Sue Syria, Jordan for Alleged Torture A Canadian man who was deported to Syria from New York last year by U.S. agents said on Monday he was suing the Syrian and Jordanian governments for allegedly torturing him while he was in detention. (Reuters)

Lawyer Asks Bush to Free Chaplain An attorney for Army Capt. James Yee, the Guantanamo Bay prison chaplain jailed on charges of mishandling classified documents, asked President Bush on Monday to release the chaplain from a Navy brig pending his military trial, which is scheduled for next year. (Washington Post)

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