Meet Kate Middleton's Relatives


Middleton Relatives Dealt Different Hands

Living nearby is Anna Partington, a small town hairdresser. And she's Kate's third cousin.

"Eeeh, I'm related to her," she said. "Lady Anna."

Partington and Kate's great grandmothers were sisters.

"Yeah, we look alike," Partington said. "We're all pretty, the girls in our family."

But fate, and money, dealt them different hands.

"Well, she went to university and college," the hairdresser said. "And I didn't. I left school and worked."

Kate's self-made parents sent her to private school and St. Andrews University, where she met William and is now on course to be a princess.

On dad Michael Middleton's side were affluent lawyers from the north of England. There are plenty of Middletons on the guest list, including Michael's siblings and cousins.

Kate's dad was a flight controller for British Airways, where he met Kate's mum Carole, a flight attendant.

William's buddies reportedly used to mock Kate by saying "Doors to Manual" when she entered a room.

"I do think people have been terrifically, really unappealingly and horribly snobby about it," Marina Hyde of the Guardian newspaper said.

The class system is well ingrained in the British psyche, however much people would like to think it's not. Time, however, has changed this to some extent.

"A generation ago, someone like her would never have had a chance to marry a prince," Hyde said. "She would have been called a commoner and he'd have had to go looking for some nice princess of Denmark."

Now Middleton is set to be queen one day. A thought, one imagines, that her grandmother Dorothy would never have thought possible.

"It's a great moment, a real breakthrough," historian Lacey said. "Kate comes from an ordinary, common family. Not Lady Kate Middleton."

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