Afghans Speak With Divided Opinions

The pressure is on President Obama to decide whether to send more troops to Afghanistan. Opinion on the issue remains divided in the United States and abroad. To get a local perspective, ABC News interviewed several Afghans about their views on the controversy.

Saeed Agha Miakhai Kunar Province

"Additional foreign forces should not come, because the people aren't prepared to accept them. Because of their policies, the people do not like them. But if the foreign forces are coming and our government is not in the position to stop them, then they should go to the border areas. They should not make their bases in a place where people live."

Hafiz Qudrat Helmand Province

"We don't need foreign forces here. They will not help the situation. There should be negotiations with the Taliban. That is the only way to bring peace."

Naseer Khoshal Khost City, Khost Province, near the Pakistani border

"In past few years under the command of NATO, whatever has been done, international forces have resulted in Afghans losing hope. By bringing extra forces into Afghanistan, it will create hate among the people and then the people will see them as occupiers. Afghans don't have full confidence in foreign forces now, so, by adding extra troops, it will weaken the trust between the people and the Afghan government. The demand of the Afghan government and the demand of the people are to invest more on Afghan forces so they could be able to protect ... their own country."

Mawlavi Mohammad Ayub Hashimi Khost City, Khost Province, near the Pakistani border

"Bringing extra forces is good. ... A few days ago, there was an attack on Italian forces, then, after that, we have heard from the media reports that Italians and Germans are trying to take their forces out of here. They shouldn't say that. If five people get killed, they should send 5,000 more, because those who are involved in terrorist activities against us should understand that extra forces are coming and they won't be able to do anything."

'Better to Add More Afghan Police and Soldiers'

Gen. Saifullah Hakim Afghan Border Patrol, Southern section chief, Kandahar

"Instead of more troops, it would be better to add more Afghan police and soldiers to do the job. Given the situation in Kandahar, they should supply us with more heavy weapons and more men."

He is responsible for 7,500 miles of Afghanistan's borders with Pakistan and Iran, and said he needs 12,000 men. He has only 4,000.

Lalay Lama Afghan National Police Commander, Kandahar, District 8

"More foreign troops can bring more security and stabilize the country. So I would be very happy if they came."

Daoud Sultanzoy Member of Afghan Parliament, Ghazni

"No matter what Mr. Obama does, the facts that are here will not change the mind of the people of Afghanistan unless they see some tangible changes in this leadership and this government. … We will be lucky if people stay on the sidelines. The worst scenario will be we will see a rapid deterioration and erosion further, a steep decline of the situation. If this government is with us, people will not be with us."