Amanda Knox Found Guilty Again: Why the Court Could Be (Sort of) Right


If Sollecito's memory of what happened that night seems muddled, Amanda Knox's appears to have been no clearer. She initially told police that she spent the whole night with Raffaele Sollecito at his apartment, and repeated this in an email to family and friends a few days after the murder. "After a little while of playing guitar me and raffael went to his house to watch movies and after to eat dinner and generally spend the evening and night indoors. we didn't go out. the next morning i woke up around 1030."

Knox indicated that her memory of what happened at Sollecito's apartment that night was hazy because she had smoked marijuana. In two statements to police that were eventually deemed inadmissible, she pointed the finger of blame at bar owner Patrick Lumumba and placed herself at the scene of the crime. She later admitted that allegation against Lumumba was untrue, the result, she said, of undue pressure from police.

Putting aside the reliability (or lack thereof) of those statements, something important happened shortly thereafter. Knox was told Sollecito was not supporting her account of what happened. At that point, at 5:45 in the morning, after offering those different accounts through the night, she offered to write out a new statement in English. Knox seemed confused and uncertain about where she had been and what she had done.

It began with: "I have been told there is hard evidence saying that I was at the place of the murder of my friend when it happened. This, I want to confirm, is something that to me, if asked a few days ago, would be impossible. I know that Raffaele has placed evidence against me, saying that I was not with him on the night of Meredith's murder, but let me tell you this. In my mind there are things I remember and things that are confused.

She goes on: "What happened after I know does not match up with what Raffaele was saying, but this is what I remember. I told Raffaele that I didn't have to work and that I could remain at home for the evening. After that I believe we relaxed in his room together, perhaps I checked my email. Perhaps I read or studied or perhaps I made love to Raffaele. In fact, I think I did make love with him. However, I admit that this period of time is rather strange because I am not quite sure. I smoked marijuana with him and I might even have fallen asleep. These things I am not sure about and I know they are important to the case and to help myself, but in reality, I don't think I did much."

That seems to bolster her account but then she also appears to be preparing to incriminate Sollecito. "After dinner I noticed there was blood on Raffaele's hand, but I was under the impression that it was blood from the fish."

She then explains why her previous statements were unreliable: "In regards to this 'confession' that I made last night, I want to make clear that I'm very doubtful of the verity of my statements because they were made under the pressures of stress, shock and extreme exhaustion. Not only was I told I would be arrested and put in jail for 30 years, but I was also hit in the head when I didn't remember a fact correctly. I understand that the police are under a lot of stress, so I understand the treatment I received."

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