Oscar Pistorius Trial: What to Look for in Week 2


She told the court a traffic official, who had pulled over the vehicle they were traveling in for speeding, admonished Pistorius for leaving his firearm on the seat next to him. The official handled the weapon before handing it back, which Taylor said incensed her boyfriend so much that he contemplated shooting at a traffic light, before he simply fired through the sunroof and started laughing.

Taylor was adamant that the defense theory that the screams the neighbors heard could have been Pistorius was not true. She testified that Pistorius often shouted at her and at other people and did not sound like a woman at all.

The other theory Roux put to several witnesses was that what they had thought were gunshots were in fact the sound of Pistorius breaking down the bathroom door with a cricket bat after realising that it was Steenkamp behind it.

Burger and Johnson were unwavering in their opinion that what they had heard were gunshots, while Dr. Johan Stipp said he would not have been able to swing a bat that fast.

Stipp was also steadfast in his testimony that when he looked at Pistorius' home from his balcony after hearing sounds, the light in the bathroom was on. This is in direct contrast to the accused's version, which was that it was dark and he was too scared to switch on a light.

Pistorius, 27, is charged with premeditated murder and weapons counts in the killing of Steenkamp.

If he is convicted, the athlete could face at least 25 years in prison before he is eligible for parole.

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