Britain Cracks Down on 'Preachers of Hate,' Detains Ten for Deportation

A proposal by Iraq's finance minister to reduce the enormous fuel and food subsidies that consume roughly a third of the government's budget and largely crush economic growth has been rejected by the cabinet after a recent similar move in Yemen set off fatal riots there. (NY Times)


What's Wrong With Throwing Out People Who Incite Violence?

So Tony Blair is a Nazi. Or worse, he is a petty dictator who wants to scrap all the liberties and laws the Brits have accrued over the centuries. Why is the man who just won a national election being called such names? Well, he simply said, "enough is enough." It is high time he said it and acted on it. (Arab News)

No End in Sight in Iraq

We're stuck in a murderous quagmire without even the suggestion of an end in sight. (NY Times)

What Mideast Reform Will Require

As Monday's deadline approaches for drafting the constitution for the new government of Iraq, more than the future of that war-torn country is at stake. (Washington Post)

If Cindy and Akbar Could Meet

The US mother who lost a son in Iraq and a jailed pro-democracy Iranian dissident might find a common ground. (CS Monitor)

Doublespeak on Nuke Power

The only thing certain about the confrontation from here on is that there is going to be a lot of hypocrisy and doublespeak from all participants. This therefore is the moment to grab some basics to help cut through the coming posture-striking and rhetoric. (Arab News)

A New Approach Is Needed In Talks With Iran Over Its Nuclear Program

Now that Iran has resumed its nuclear activities, it is worth assessing the shortcomings of the European Union's approach in its negotiations with Tehran over its nuclear program. (The Daily Star)

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