ABC News' Reporters in Iraq Answer Your Questions

When the situation stabilizes and oil revenues begin to come in, the government will have to prevent or avoid the corruption that is widely reported in other oil rich underdeveloped countries.

Susan from Anchorage, Alaska: I want to know if those Iraqi politicians are going to revalue their currency so that the Iraqi people have some buying power and can get out of the hole they are in financially?


The Iraqi currency is the dinar, which currently trades around 1,450 to the U.S. dollar. But it is a currency that is useless outside Iraq. The key to Iraq getting out of its financial hole is for the security situation to be stabilized, which will allow Iraq to capitalize on its vast natural resources.

John from New York: I would like to know more about the lives of Iraqi Christians.


There remains a small but cohesive group of Iraqi Christians, mostly in Baghdad or in the north near Mosul. The largest groups are members of the Armenian Orthodox Church or the Catholic Church.

Last year there were some horrific attacks against the Christian churches in Baghdad (as well as the one of the synagogues). But the Christians refused to be intimidated and after a brief lull have returned to worship, albeit in small numbers.

There have been some Christian missionaries working in Iraq in the past few years, but they are not made to feel very welcome in this 99 percent Muslim country. Three Christian aid workers were recently released by their kidnappers. The fourth, American Tom Fox, was killed during his captivity -- or died trying to escape. There is still some question as to what happened.

Under Saddam, the Christians were not courted but neither were they persecuted. Tariq Aziz, the deputy prime minister, was the most prominent Christian in the last government.

William from Rapid City, S.D.: What is the breakdown of country of origin for the suicide bombers?


There is no definitive answer to this, as most are not known nor identifiable after an attack. Unlike the suicide attackers who come from the Palestinian territories who leave videos behind, we have not seen many of these goodbye videos in Iraq. I have watched one Iraqi video where the young Iraqi suicide attacker shows us how he is going to push the detonation button, and a few moments later you see his truck slam into an American convoy.

The U.S. military has stated on numerous occasions that the insurgency is full of foreign fighters. There have been reports of insurgents from a number of Middle East and North African countries who have been captured or killed. But as for the identity of suicide bombers in Iraq, only a few have been identified as "home grown" but most of the identities are unknown.

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