Musharraf: Post 9/11 U.S. Threatened to Bomb Pakistan


U.S. Threatened to Bomb Pakistan after 9/11:Musharraf

President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan said that after the September 11 attacks the United States threatened to bomb his country if it did not cooperate with America's war campaign against the Taliban in Afghanistan. (Reuters)


Bush, GOP Rebels Agree on Detainee Bill

The Bush administration and Senate Republicans announced agreement Thursday on terms for the interrogation and trial of suspects in the war on terror. (AP)


Alleged 9/11 Planner Faces Gitmo Hearing

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, accused of masterminding the Sept. 11 attacks, and other alleged terrorists linked to major attacks against the U.S. are expected to face hearings at the Guantanamo prison camp within three months, a military official said Wednesday. (AP)


The Internet: The New Training Ground for Young Terrorist Recruits

The "youthification" of terrorism -- the radicalization of young converts -- is a growing trend among terrorist networks fueled by tech-savvy extremists and their widespread use of the Internet. (ABC News)


Cops Also Using Information Thieves to Get Phone Records

Federal and local law enforcement agencies have bought mobile phone and other personal records from controversial Internet "data brokers," according to congressional investigators now looking into whether questionable practices were used by the Hewlett-Packard company. (ABC News)

Report: Luggage Screening Crisis Looming

A report ordered by the U.S. Congress said a crisis is brewing regarding the ability of U.S. airports to scan luggage for bombs. (UPI)

HP CEO Allowed 'Sting' of Reporter

Memos show senior employees concocted a fictitious tipster who sent bogus information to a reporter to trick her into revealing her sources. (Washington Post)


Courts Set to Admit Wiretap Evidence

The attorney general has thrown his weight decisively behind the use of intercept evidence in court, making it highly likely that the ban on phonetap evidence will be lifted. (The Guardian)


Israel 'Trains Iraqi Kurd Forces'

The BBC has obtained evidence that Israelis have been giving military training to Kurds in northern Iraq. (BBC)

Suicide Car Bomber Kills Six In Northern Iraqi Town

A suicide bomber smashed his car into the house of a tribal leader in the northern Iraq town of Samarra on Wednesday, killing six people and wounding 37, police said. (AFP)

Firing of Judge Sows Disorder in Baghdad Courtroom

Hussein's lawyers storm out of genocide trial after former president clashes with presiding jurist. (Washington Post)


Protest in Hungary Draws 15,000

Thousands of Hungarians surrounded the parliament building here for the third straight night to demand the ouster of the country's prime minister after he admitted to lying "morning, noon and night" to win reelection in April. (Washington Post)

Analysis: Hungary: Unrest and Gyurcsany's Strengthened Hand

In the aftermath of the Sept. 18 release of Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany's audiotaped admission of lying to the nation about Hungary's economy, the scuttlebutt held that his days were numbered -- something protests and riots the night of Sept. 19-20 seemed to support. (Stratfor)


Failed Amman Hotel Bomber To Hang

A Jordanian court sentences a failed Iraqi suicide bomber to death for her role in attacks on hotels in Amman. (BBC)


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