CIA Helped in Sting Operation Exposing Smuggling of Nuclear Material


Smuggler's Plot Highlights Fear Over Uranium

Last January, a Russian man with sunken cheeks and a wispy mustache crossed into Georgia and traveled to Tbilisi by car along a high mountain road. In two plastic bags in his leather jacket, Georgian authorities say, he carried 100 grams of uranium so refined that it could help fuel an atom bomb. (NY Times)


India and Russia in Nuclear Deal

Russia will build four nuclear power reactors in India under a draft deal signed by their two leaders in the Indian capital, Delhi. (BBC)


Baghdad Market Car Bomb Kills 20: Police Source

A car bomb that ripped through a market in the Karrada district in central Baghdad killed 20 people and wounded 18 more on Thursday, a police source said. (Reuters)

U.S. Contractors In Iraq Shot In Back Of Head

Four of five security contractors who died when helicopters were attacked had been shot in back of head. (The Guardian)


US to put South Africans on Qaeda list – diplomats

The United States is expected this week to place two South African Muslims on its list of al Qaeda suspects and will freeze their assets, diplomats in South Africa said on Thursday. (Reuters)


Crash Kills Ecuador Defense Chief

Ecuador's Defence Minister Guadalupe Larriva has been killed in a crash involving two military helicopters, officials have said. (BBC)


Rival Students Clash in Lebanon

Clashes at a Beirut university between students from rival political factions have left at least one person dead and more than 20 injured, reports say. (BBC)


Indonesia Jet 'Black Boxes' Found

A US ship has located the "black box" flight recorders of the Indonesian plane that went missing on 1 January, the US embassy said. (BBC)

Key Bali Bomb Suspect 'Wounded'

A key Indonesian militant wanted for the 2002 Bali bombings was hurt in a gun battle in the Philippines last week, the Philippines military says. (BBC)


North Korea Accuses U.S. Of Dirty Politics on U.N. Fund

North Korea accused the United States on Thursday of a ``smear campaign'' after Washington said U.N. Development Fund (UNDP) money may have been diverted to the North's leaders who used the cash to build nuclear weapons. (NY Times)


Greek Militants Claim U.S. Embassy Attack

A militant group claimed responsibility for a rocket attack against the U.S. Embassy earlier this month, and said in a statement published Thursday the strike was in response to U.S. military involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia. (AP)


Senior Intel Officials Warn U.S. Has Lost Its Global Reach in Spy Network

The United States' spy network has lost its "global reach," its ability to monitor, gather and analyze developments around the world, according to two top officials from Office of the Director of National Intelligence. (ABC News)

State Farm Agrees to Settle With Angry Katrina Policyholders

Mississippi homeowners are claiming a "huge legal victory" over the country's biggest insurance company, which they say tried to cheat and defraud them over claims submitted in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. (ABC News)

Ray Gun Brings Some Zap To The Battlefield

The American military has unveiled its latest hi-tech weapon - a virtual flame-thrower on top of a Humvee that microwaves enemies at 500 paces. (The Guardian)


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