Insider 01/04/05: Holding Suspects

Sometime after Mohamed al-Kahtani was imprisoned at Guantánamo around the beginning of 2003, military officials believed they had a prize on their hands — someone who was perhaps intended to have been a hijacker in the Sept. 11 plot. (NY Times)

Guantanamo Briton 'in Handcuff Torture'

British Guantanamo detainee alleges he was suspended by his wrists as punishment for reciting the Koran while in U.S. military custody. (Guardian)


Two Turks Suspects Extradited

Pakistan on Sunday extradited two Turks suspected of links to al Qaeda who were immediately arrested and charged by Turkish authorities. (Pakistan News Service)



Six On Trial In Paris Over U.S. Embassy Attack Plot

A French-Algerian and five other men suspected of plotting to blow up the U.S. embassy in Paris went on trial on Monday in a French court, charged with criminal conspiracy aimed at committing an act of terrorism. Djamel Beghal, who is suspected of having links to al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, and the five others face prison sentences of up to 10 years if found guilty. (Reuters)


Iraqi Abuse Military Trials to Begin at Texas Base

The suspected ringleader of abuse in Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison is among two U.S. Army soldiers scheduled for court-martial this week over wartime actions. (Reuters)


Britain To Start Trial of Radical Muslim Cleric Hamza In July

London judge announced Tuesday that the trial of radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al Masri, charged with soliciting murder of non-Muslims and stirring up racial hatred, will start on July 4. (Xinhuanet)


Saudi Arabia

Saudi Al Qaeda Group Wanted to Kill Interior Minister and His Son

The "Al Qaeda Organization in the Arab's Peninsula," a group believed responsible for the attacks in Saudi Arabia, posted a statement online Tuesday claiming that the target of last week's attack on the interior ministry building was the Saudi Interior Minister Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz and his son. This may signal a shift in the group's strategies. Despite criticizms of the Saudi government, the militants have repeatedly insisted they only target Westerners. It may also be a response to a recent statement by al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in which he harshly criticized the Saudi royal family. (ABCNEWS Investigative Unit)


Governor of Baghdad Assassinated

Baghdad governor Ali al Haidri has been shot dead in a roadside ambush in the Iraqi capital, the highest-profile assassination there since May. (BBC)

Key Leader of Al Zarqawi Network Captured In Baghdad

Multi-National Forces recently captured a senior member of Abu Musab al Zarqawi's terrorist network in northern Baghdad, according to a statement released Friday by Iraq's government. (CNN)

Mosul Suicide Bomber Was A 20-Year-Old Saudi — Paper

The suicide bomber who blew himself up in a U.S. mess hall at the U.S. Mosul base on Dec. 21. was a 20-year-old Saudi called Ahmed Said Ahmed Al Ghamdi, reports Asharq Al Awsat newspaper. The paper says an Iraqi insurgent group called al Ghamdi's father to tell him that his son died when he carried out that attack. Al Ghamdi was studying in Sudan before going to Iraq. (Asharq Al Awsat)

Iraq National Guards Hold 228 Suspected Insurgents

Iraqi National Guards detained 228 suspected insurgents in a series of raids this week in a lawless area south of Baghdad dubbed the "triangle of death," the interim government said on Sunday. (Reuters)

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