Resisting Martial Law (Just Don't Tell Mom)

Khurram's blog ( groups everything from inspirational messages, music videos and quotes from Che Guevara. He's already got more than 6,000 subscribers to his daily list serve.

He gets a lot of posts from other young people encouraging him to spread the word. "We get nasty messages too -- mostly people who are pro-Musharraf," he says. "The good part is it's encouraging a debate."

If anything good comes out of Pakistan's turbulence, the students hope it's a new determination to change the face of politics here. Many young Pakistanis say they are tired of leaders like Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif, two former prime ministers who have both been thrown out on corruption charges.

"We firmly believe that unless the military leaves, there will be no space for any new leaders to emerge," says Rashid. "We are not affiliated with any party but we stand firmly with groups that are fighting for a return to civilian rule."

The students also trade practical information in their blogs and list serves about how to evade arrest, how to meet up without getting caught and how to escape when police fire tear gas.

Many are just as concerned about getting in trouble with their parents as they are with being arrested in the nationwide crackdown.

Khurram waits every night until his parents fall asleep before he starts editing his blog.

"If the security agencies find out, then I'll be arrested. If my parents find out, I'm going to be under house arrest," he says. "Then I'll have more in common with Benazir Bhutto than just the Harvard connection."

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