Gay Iranian Is Denied Asylum in Netherlands

He added that even if Kazemi escapes the authorities when he returns to Iran, his family will likely reject him.

"Unfortunately, his parents, they don't care about him," said Parsi, who says he has been in close contact with Kazemi since 2005. "They don't like his son being a homosexual and his father said, 'I don't care about him,' or 'execute him,' or 'he's not my son.'"

Kazemi's uncle agreed.

"His father is really, really angry on him," he told ABC News. "He thinks that he brought shame to the family."

Human rights organizations say the position of gays has gotten more difficult in Iran in recent years.

"I think things have gotten considerably worse," Zahir Janmohamed, Amnesty International's Advocacy Director for the Middle East and North Africa, told ABC News Thursday. "Ever since Ahmadinejad came to power, there has been an increased crackdown on 'vice.' That's everything from males and females interacting, clothes that both males and females wear, and certainly it's about controlling sexuality."

It is not clear what will happen to Kazemi if he is sent back to Britain.

According to some reports, the British Home Office, which deals with deportation cases, has privately assured members of the Dutch Parliament it will review Kazemi's case again when he arrives in the U.K. But calls to the British Home Office to confirm those reports were not immediately returned Tuesday.

And Kazemi's lawyer, Palm, warned that "to review" is a "very loose term that can mean any number of things," and does not exclude eventual deportation.

Before today's court decision, Kazemi's uncle told ABC News that his nephew himself is determined not to return to Tehran, whatever the cost."

"He was in a hunger strike for a few days," Saeed said in an interview last Thursday of his nephew's state of mind. "I asked him, I think it's best you stop the hunger strike and be sensible. He said, 'look, I'd rather die here. They're sending me to my death, I might as well die here.'"

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