Chinese Crack Down, but Tibetans Fight

"During hunger strikes, the nuns, monks are doing the meditation and thinking about Tibet and those [who] killed so many Tibetan people," she said. "We [are] also thinking about the Chinese who can get enlightenment to give us freedom."

She said it is difficult for the Tibetans living in Nepal, especially for her, since she grew up in India where there was more freedom.

"If you are in India when I was in school, whenever we have demonstration for Free Tibet they let us [march] very easily," she said. "But in Nepal, it's very difficult to have march. Tibetan people, they start demonstration but Nepali people, they stop it, beat some people."

Until now, most people in Tibet have not dared to protest. But it appears that that may have changed.

"Everyone's been too terrified to do this. But once someone dares to have done this, to risk their lives, then everything comes out, everybody dares," Barnett said. "Not one of them individually would have dared, but they hope there is safety in numbers and the numbers can grow very fast and very large."

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