TI's Corruptions Perceptions Index 2002

For the past seven years, anti-graft watchdog Transparency International has published a Corruptions Perceptions Index.

The index ranks the world's countries in terms of the degree to which corruption is perceived to exist among public officials and politicians.

This year, the organization ranked 102 countries, creating a composite index from 15 different polls and surveys from nine independent institutions.

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These are the results, listed from least corrupt to most corrupt:

1. Finland 2. Denmark New Zealand 4. Iceland 5. Singapore Sweden 7. Canada Luxembourg Netherlands 10. United Kingdom 11. Australia 12. Norway Switzerland 14. Hong Kong 15. Austria 16. USA 17. Chile 18. Germany Israel 20. Belgium Japan Spain 23. Ireland 24. Botswana 25. France Portugal 27. Slovenia 28. Namibia 29. Estonia Taiwan 31. Italy 32. Uruguay 33. Hungary Malaysia Trinidad & Tobago 36. Belarus Lithuania South Africa Tunisia 40. Costa Rica Jordan Mauritius South Korea 44. Greece 45. Brazil Bulgaria Jamaica Peru Poland 50. Ghana 51. Croatia 52. Czech Republic Latvia Morocco Slovak Republic Sri Lanka 57. Colombia Mexico 59. China Dominican Republic Ethiopia 62. Egypt El Salvador 64. Thailand Turkey 66. Senegal 67. Panama 68. Malawi Uzbekistan 70. Argentina 71. Cote d'Ivoire Honduras India Russia Tanzania Zimbabwe 77. Pakistan Philippines Romania Zambia 81. Albania Guatemala Nicaragua Venezuela 85. Georgia Ukraine Vietnam 88. Kazakhstan 89. Bolivia Cameroon Ecuador Haiti 93. Moldova Uganda 95. Azerbijan 96. Indonesia Kenya 98. Angola Madagascar Paraguay 101. Nigeria 102. Bangladesh

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