Survivors of Camp Massacre Blame Sharon

But while Sharon could arguably be more vulnerable to a lawsuit once he is out of office, another tragic outcome of a possible dismissal of the case is that Lebanese nationals linked to the massacres, who enjoy amnesty under Lebanese law, could also escape scrutiny.

"We have brought the case against anyone responsible for the massacres," says Mallat. "If the Belgian court goes forward with the case we will hopefully not exclude anyone responsible for the massacre at Sabra and Chatilla."

But while there are people who would much rather clamp the lid on this chapter of Middle East history, Nasser says she still craves acknowledgment and justice for the horrific loses she has suffered. "If this case happens, yes, I will get peace," she says.

"But what I have lost I can't get back, I can never get it back. But if this [the case] goes on, I will at least feel that what I have — what we all have — lost will come back, because justice will come."

Leela Jacinto visited the camps in Lebanon in January for these interviews.

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