CIA Believes Bin Laden Escaped

Attorney General John Ashcroft announced that American al Qaeda John Walker would be charged with four counts of aiding and abetting terrorists, none of which will carry the possibility of the death penalty. See Story.

A woman in Alabama says her husband was kidnapped last week as he was delivering medical supplies in Afghanistan and is being held for ransom. She reported the abduction to the State Department, and to the office of a California Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, who's a long-time friend. Rohrabacher's chief of staff said the missing man is Clark Bowers, who another member of the congressman's staff described as "a thrill-seeker in a war zone," according to The Associated Press. A State Department official said they were investigating the report, seeking the help of the Afghan interim and Pakistani governments.

Fifteen special operations servicemen wounded in the conflict in Kandahar and the uprising by prisoners at a fortress outside Mazar-e-Sharif were awarded Purple Hearts.

Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, D-S.D., has left Uzbekistan unexpectedly for Islamabad in Pakistan and may also visit the Afghan capital Kabul before returning to Uzbekistan, an Uzbek government official told Reuters. Daschle arrived in Tashkent on Sunday at the start of what was scheduled as a nearly week-long visit to former Soviet Uzbekistan, to stress Washington's long-term political interests in the region. The U.S. Embassy in Tashkent declined to comment on the senator's trip.

Secretary of State Powell left today for a trip to Pakistan, India and Afghanistan this week. He will try to ease the simmering tensions between Islamabad and New Delhi before ending the trip with a visit to Afghanistan.

Four relatives of victims of the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States arrived in Afghanistan today to meet Afghans who lost family in the U.S. bombing campaign. The organizers of the mission, Global Exchange, hope the visit will help heal wounds between the two countries. The four are scheduled to spend three days in Afghanistan.

ABCNEWS' Brian Ross and Martha Raddatz in Washington contributed to this report.

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