Deadly Soccer Stampede in Ghana

Fans stampeded today at a packed soccer match between two of Ghana's leading teams, and dozens of people were trampled and killed.

There were conflicting reports as to the number of people killed. A senior government official told Reuters news service he had counted at least 50 bodies at a hospital in Accra, capital of the West African nation. The Associated Press quoted hospital officials as saying as many 100 people were killed.

Local reports were also conflicting.

"I personally counted over 100 dead in one of the hospitals," said Komla Dumor, a presenter on Joy FM radio station, in remarks carried by Reuters.

"It is a great national tragedy," said Jake Obetsebi-Amptey, minister of presidential affairs. "Many people have died and many more are wounded and are bleeding."

A Chain of Action

The trouble started in the final five minutes of a game between Accra Heart of Oak and Assante Kotoko, with Accra leading 2-1.

When Assante supporters began throwing bottles and chairs onto the field, police responded by firing tear gas.

Witnesses said panicking spectators then rushed for the gates, causing a stampede.

A Series of Deaths

Today's stampede was the fourth soccer tragedy in Africa in the past month.

On April 11, 43 people were killed in Johannesburg, South Africa.

On April 29, eight people died after an incident in Lubumbashi, Congo.

And one person died and 39 others were injured on May 6, when fighting broke out among fans at a soccer match in Ivory Coast.