Horsemeat Sold in Tesco Hamburgers

Samples showed that the UK chain's burgers contained 29 percent horsemeat.
1:56 | 01/16/13

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Transcript for Horsemeat Sold in Tesco Hamburgers
Tesco was pulling some of its own brand beef -- off the shelves last night off to tests showed they may not be quite what they seem. It's one of several supermarkets which had been shaken by the findings of islands food safety authority. It tested a variety of frozen burgers and nine products were found to contain small traces of holes DNA. But -- -- -- -- is every day value beef -- was found to be 29% to horse -- none of the -- is -- who is said to be a health risk. I send my -- since the factory concerns today they've been going through papers. -- been interviewing management and we're establishing the -- the facts as to where -- DOS horse DNA product could have come from. Because the factory concerned does not slaughter horses and it doesn't import any horse race. Tesco has apologized. And launched an investigation. -- want to apologize to our customers. We are sorry is that although this has happened it's unacceptable to us. And we must prevent it ever happening again I'm not why we've taken all the precautions we have sort of the other supermarkets found to have products containing traces of horse -- -- say withdrawn them. And reexamining gas supply chains -- is the Irish government. -- -- until I see you again. -- -- -- -- -- Beef it was a great this initiative and have -- be found safe is and is that -- the site is not what. Shoppers may be reassured to hear that this -- danger from these products. That the issue raises uncomfortable questions. Just how much -- really know. About -- -- -- -- huge Bridget distant BBC news.

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{"id":18228093,"title":"Horsemeat Sold in Tesco Hamburgers","duration":"1:56","description":"Samples showed that the UK chain's burgers contained 29 percent horsemeat.","url":"/International/video/horsemeat-sold-tesco-hamburgers-18228093","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}