Who is Melania Trump? A Look at Donald Trump's Wife's Upbringing in Slovenia

ABC News' Louise Dewast and Dragana Jovanovic visit Slovania.
3:45 | 03/10/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Who is Melania Trump? A Look at Donald Trump's Wife's Upbringing in Slovenia
Donald Trump's wife millennia is known for a career as a model. She was born in Sydney sat a small town in Slovenia. Until the age of fourteen she lived in the Communist style apartment block with her parents insist. One of her oldest friends Dioner remembers her Ponte. That's always a bit different in the best possible way she. Didn't. Wife about. I don't know. Look key to being can talk to you would like Hugh I think to be want them to us. If found that mean the best possible way she didn't. Go. We had two of the world part. Keep a thief and seeing when she wanted firm being bad enough. You work car. She can. With Chris Harris who. Not to do what she wants to do but just to act if need to be time so. To a three. Spreading. Far everything you want it. Milan last Sydney's and high school and into the capitol Buchanan. She was quick he scouted as a model. It was a local photographer he discovered her and launched her international career. Some yes and on the community community to put concern. Dramatic conclusion Pope among them. Do slack the united Utica. And he proposes to view of each. Who won't give us yeah quote I'm in Atlanta you fill in the border area. You ma you must they have no dog what dog and put forward so they'll available. To. This and you comment. Then managed a formal net super. Yemen some good news broke or. You can slower Herman counselor. Now 25 men dying as an American citizen. Her roots aren't there will shape what kind of First Lady she could be. Curtain call put an anomaly avenue east and are being and I now the head suck the problem. And Lamprea he's get a summit it quote. How crying at him in upon crashing down my advocacy Oslo. Opponent's not the story. Not slim Obama. Eat in the explain and automate eat good luck out on Orleans on a diet I have established diet and now Bockwoldt. I mean missing the past bust in upon nationalities to stop it but it pack beasts but. As convenient writer has even published a biography the inside story about an onions. We can see ended. Try to mother was married married with four four clarification. To be. Who became nice. And it'd. News view current chances to go to Donna forest and then or so. Around the warm but she is. Probably most so much different but. When you're looking from outside. If she changed her name but she changed her homeland. She changed her body. And that is she. Gifts if she gets to the places where she wants me. Louise to last ABC need some sticking out.

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{"id":37559776,"title":"Who is Melania Trump? A Look at Donald Trump's Wife's Upbringing in Slovenia","duration":"3:45","description":"ABC News' Louise Dewast and Dragana Jovanovic visit Slovania.","url":"/International/video/melania-trump-donald-trumps-wifes-upbringing-slovenia-37559776","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}