Kids' Treats Go Gourmet: Popcorn Mousse, Fancy Marshmallows and More

Boozy Ice Pops, Loopy Doopy Booze-infused popsicles are a common enough summertime cocktail treat, but the problem is, they melt messily and rapidly. One Manhattan rooftop bar solves the problem by serving its frozen fruit pops in a large glass of Prosecco – so as your popsicle melts, it creates a delicious and well chilled Prosecco spritzer. Your fingers will still get sticky, but you're far less likely to drop half your cocktail on the floor.

Popcorn mousse, Caesars Atlantic City Pastry chef Deborah Pellegrino surprised some of her colleagues when she announced she'd be doing a popcorn mousse for a special event at the resort this summer. Mainly because how does that even work? No matter. The dessert's resounding success and very distinctive buttery-popcorn flavor have made it a signature of Pellegrino's dessert presentations. Oh, and by the way…it's topped with toffee and bacon. She doesn't miss a trick.

Liquor-filled empanadas, Havana Central Latin America's ubiquitous street food takes a surprising twist in Yonkers, by way of Cuba. Not only does the mini-empire (Four restaurants in New York and counting) put empanadas on the dessert menu, but also morphs the mini-pie into a quasi-cocktail. You gotta chew to get to the booze. Flaky, buttery handmade pastries are filled with sinful centers and given mischievous names like Drunken Monkey (ripe banana, chocolate and Bailey's Irish Cream).

Neuhaus Pralines Most of us associate the chocolate-nut praline with ice cream, or with folksy candy shops in Charleston where they're sold by the bag. In Belgium, though, candy makers do away with the nuts and add a soft center – and sometimes, they put a little liquor in it as well. Belgian chocolatier Neuhaus sells a sampler box of 20 liqueur-filled praline candies…and just to underscore this product's gentlemanly luxury status, the box itself is leather.

Rock candy by Sticky Sometimes, though, the most basic candies don't need a liquor infusion or even a fancy preparation to elevate them to "gourmet" standing. Sticky, the Hollywood candy store known for custom-made candy displays, will make just about any kind of sweet for its celeb and socialite clientele. The thing they're known for though is lollipops and rock candy…the simplest sugary suckers in the pantheon, hand-sculpted into rainbows, fruits, flowers and even monogrammed wedding centerpieces.

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