6 'Disgusting' Holiday Foods Transformed

PHOTO: Jackie's holiday fruitcake bars, from the "Dahlia Bakery Cookbook," are shown here.
Dahlia Bakery Cookbook/Williams Morrow

We picked the top 6 disgusting holiday foods, but we're determined to replace the outdated foods with some tasty ones created by top chefs. From fruitcake to gefilte fish, here's a much more appealing way to enjoy the holiday foods you're sick of.

PHOTO: Jackie's holiday fruitcake bars, from the "Dahlia Bakery Cookbook," are shown here.
Dahlia Bakery Cookbook/Williams Morrow

Traditional fruitcake is made with chopped fruit and nuts and soaked in alcohol. These bars are a totally satisfying alternative that everyone will go crazy for.

Recipe: Jackie's Holiday Fruitcake Bars with Dried Cherries and Brandy

PHOTO: Tripe, made from an animal's stomach tissue, is a popular holiday dish.
encantadisimo/Getty Images

Tripe, made from an animal's stomach tissue, is another common holiday dish. This Italian-style stew is an appealing recipe for those who have never tried tripe. Flavored with whiskey, it packs a real punch.

Recipe: Jamie Bissonette's Tripe a la Collinsville

PHOTO: Gelatin molds in a rainbow of colors make a comeback for the holidays.
Getty Images
Anything Molded with Gelatin

Gelatin molds, in a rainbow of colors, make a comeback during the holidays. Skip the old-fashioned, moving mold and opt for a panna cotta. The Italian pudding is delicious and much easier to make.

Recipe: David Burke's Butterscotch Panna Cotta

PHOTO: Charles Phoenix created a cheese snowman that melts to create a cheese dip.
Charles Phoenix
Melting Cheese Snowman

Last year, Charles Phoenix introduced the melting cheese snowman. Without sacrificing the delicious melted cheese flavor, we opted for this queso dip instead.

Recipe: Emeril's Cheesy Queso Dip

PHOTO: Mincemeat pie is made with meat, beef fat, fruit and spices.
Donald Iain Smith/Getty Images
Mincemeat Pie

Mincemeat pie is a pie made from meat, beef fat, fruit and spices. Since meat and fruit isn't always a popular combination, this recipe from Sunset magazine does the trick.

Recipe: Mincemeat Pie

PHOTO: Gefilte fish is made from poached ground fish and held in a liquid.
Ulrich Kerth/Getty Images
Gefilte Fish

Known for its unpleasant texture, gefilte fish isn't loved by everyone. These fried fish cakes from Mark and Clark use gefilte fish in a new and tasty way.

Recipe: Mark and Clark's Fried Gefilte Fish Cakes

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