Elderly Couple's Cardinals-Giants Jerseys Say It All

PHOTO: St. Louis Cardinals fan Pete Hubert photographed an elderly couple entering Tuesday nights game in priceless jerseys.Pete Hubert
St. Louis Cardinals' fan Pete Hubert photographed an elderly couple entering Tuesday night's game in priceless jerseys.

St. Louis native Pete Hubert was walking into the St. Louis Cardinals game against the San Francisco Giants Monday night when something caught his eye.

An elderly couple, each with their own cane, was walking in front of Hubert and his own wife. The couple, whom Hubert did not know, had on baseball caps and jerseys that stood out from the crowd.

The husband, later identified as Warren Reckmeyer, was wearing a Cardinals jersey with the word “Together” and the number “19.” His wife of 63 years, Carol, a Giants fan, wore a jersey from the away team with the word “Since” and the number “52.”

“I looked and said, ‘That is so awesome,’” Hubert told ABC News of the jerseys, which side-by-side say, “Together Since 1952.” “I said hi to the couple and snapped the photo on the way into the game.”

Hubert sent the photo to a friend with the comment, “Hopefully, we can all be so lucky!” he said.

Hubert’s friend sent it to his fiance, who posted it on Facebook, where it was seen by her friend Ben Hochman, a sports columnist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Hochman tweeted the photo Tuesday, and it quickly went viral. It was then that Hubert realized the story behind the couple he’d photographed and sent into the spotlight.

“They’ve been married forever and call a truce whenever their teams are in the same place at the same game,” he said.

The couple, who could not be reached by ABC News, told ABC affiliate station WTVO-TV in July that they love baseball and grew up watching the Cardinals and the Giants play.

Carol, a former music teacher, like her husband, also shared the secret to the couple’s long marriage.

“Well," she told WTVO. “He always has the last word …Yes, Dear."

Unfortunately for Carol, it was her husband's favorite team that had the last word Monday night. The Cardinals beat the Giants 2-1.