Fear Not, Brooklynites: There's No Missing and Pregnant Tarantula

PHOTO: This flyer for a missing pregnant tarantula appeared in Brooklyn, N.Y. and was posted to Reddit.

There's no pregnant Mexican red rump tarantula on the loose in New York City.

A man who declined to give his name to The New York Times told the newspaper he came up with the poster, which was spotted by a Reddit user in Brooklyn, as a joke.

The post was titled: "Have you seen Penelope?"

The full text read:

"I know she looks crazy scary, but she's mostly harmless. She's pregnant, so I'm hoping to find her before she has her babies. She's mostly active at night and likes to hide in dark corners. She shouldn't bite, but sometimes jumps when frightened. If you find her, please try to catch her and put her in a tupperware bowl with a few holes in the top for air. Then please call me and I will come and get her."

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