Courtesy Sarah Pierson Beaulieu
  • Sarah Pierson Beaulieu has documented the places she's pumped on her Tumblr, and some of them are most unusual. She shared with ABC News the story behind some of her favorite spots. Pumping at the gym. "I'm not sure why this took me two kids and many business trips to figure out, but my Boston Sports Club membership gets me into lots of different gyms in lots of different cities. It was the greatest a-ha moment I had while pumping - a great, clean place to pump milk as well as iron!"
    Courtesy Sarah Pierson Beaulieu
  • She created the blog, she said, "To create a place where people can have real conversations about what's really happening in our lives. Whether sexual violence or birth trauma or pumping breast milk or whatever else is present in our human experience, sharing our truth creates opportunities for connection and for change." Here, pumping on the train. "A couple of my friends pump in their seats while riding Amtrak, but I'm okay with the bathroom. There is plenty of room to hang clothes and bags, and I set my pumping stuff up on the changing table. This shot was taken at 7 a.m."
    Courtesy Sarah Pierson Beaulieu
  • Pumping in the car. "A fellow pumping mama told me she pumped in the car, and at first, I didn't see how it could be possible (or safe!). But once I set everything up, it was quite easy and made me feel like I was winning at life. One morning, I had to drive my toddler back to daycare after a doctor's appointment and pumped while on a conference call - talk about multi-tasking!"
    Courtesy Sarah Pierson Beaulieu
  • "My regular pumping spot. I appreciate that my employer set up this space for me with a desk, a chair, and a sink. Sure, it's a bathroom, but I'm the only one who uses it and it's completely private. It was pretty much everything I asked for."
    Courtesy Sarah Pierson Beaulieu
  • "The scene outside my pumping room. The only challenge we ran into with my pumping space was lack of cell phone reception, which meant I couldn't take calls while pumping. So our creative operations manager ran a really long phone line down the hall to the bathroom, complete with a sign to prevent people from tripping on it. It's nice to know that so many people are helping me balance work and parenthood!"
    Courtesy Sarah Pierson Beaulieu
  • Pumping on the plane. "Pumping on the plane is so awkward. First, you have to wait until it's safe to get up. Then you have to tell your seat mates you won't be back for 20 minutes and warn the flight attendants so they don't think you are doing anything suspect in the bathroom. The bathroom itself is TINY, so there's a lot of maneuvering. And just hope and pray you don't hit turbulence. In this photo, we were already on the descent with the seat belt sign on!"
    Courtesy Sarah Pierson Beaulieu
  • "The reason I pump. This is my happy, healthy 7-month old daughter who loves to eat, snuggle, and smile. I hope that by the time she has children, we've figured out ways to make the world more friendly to working parents and families."
    Courtesy Sarah Pierson Beaulieu
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