Potty Trainer for Hire Is Latest in Outsourced Parenting

There’s also a feeling among some parents that this is a job that’s a parent’s alone. A nonscientific survey conducted for ABC News by parenting website BabyCenter found just 13 percent of nearly 1,700 respondents would pay for a similar service. Others would outsource if it took place at day care or school, or by grandparents. But 48 percent said potty training was their job alone.

But that doesn't mean they have any fun doing it. “While parents enjoy many milestones with their children, potty training is not among the favorites,” said Rebecca Michals, director of BabyCenter’s Global Community.

Indeed. But Goldberg’s not the only parent willing to pay for the potty whisperer. She said her friends are already inquiring about how they can hire Allen, too: “This was a good experience and I got to be there for this milestone without getting frustrated.” And as for little Sam? "When Samantha was leaving he said, 'Thanks for pottying me,'" Goldberg said.

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